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Long story short – TechZonical simplifies your tech life with buying guides, productive tech tips, and product reviews.

Meet my creator – Vishal Pratap. Read his story in his own words.

Dear Readers,

I am Vishal, a software technical writer by profession, an amateur photographer by passion, and a video creator by hobby.

🤨 My Struggles

After I qualified as an engineering graduate, I started searching for a stable job that could pay me enough to fulfill my daily needs and wants. Those days were very time-consuming because of no smartphones. I wasn’t privileged to own an internet connection those days, neither did I have any device that could help me.

I was never a brilliant student who could crack interviews easily. As a result, I had to look for my first job off-campus. I somehow managed to know about a job vacancy from one of my friends and qualified for the interview. It was a low pay scale job role as an Associate Electronics Lab in Charge, but I got to learn a lot and play with electronics devices.

💻 My First Laptop 

The day arrived! 

My parents wanted to gift me my first ever LAPTOP. They couldn’t decide how to choose a laptop, but they transferred money into my bank account and said –

Buy a laptop as your next opportunity somehow strongly rely on this particular device. You must be struggling with day-to-day activities. So, here you got the money, and choose the best laptop as you are better aware than us.

And my first ever laptop was on my desk within a week. I struggled a lot to choose the best one as my budget was limited to Rs 30,000/- only. But I found a Dell laptop which was running Windows Vista 


I was in the seventh sky. With my new laptop, I could manage to access the internet easily whenever I wanted. Though I had to buy a 3G USB dongle, I managed to get that too. The biggest change that laptop brought into my life by providing me the flexibility to connect with recruiters, write my resume in a good format, learn more soft skills, and the list continues.

I still have that old laptop in my collection which is not functional anymore.

🤓 Fresher to Pro 

With my intense efforts, I ended up getting a job in Bangalore – the garden city and silicon valley of India. When I got a bit settled and experienced, my desire to connect with gadgets occupied a big space in my mind. I managed to save and buy interesting gadgets more often. A good pair of earphones, headphones, smartphones, tablets, multimedia speakers, and the list continues.

Some of my purchases were excellent, but a few were annoying. I made few really bad decisions while choosing gadgets, but that’s how you grow and understand what is necessary and what’s not.

As a software technical writer, I was very much aware of new technologies and the gadget industry. You call it my profession or passion, but gadgets had always made me productive and relaxed at the same time.

😕 My Failure 

I had a thought in my mind to run a YouTube channel but never had enough courage to do it. Ultimately, I upgraded to a new laptop with a graphic card that could edit videos.

I learned video editing techniques and launched my YouTube channel – BriefPod.

That was a pretty bad decision. I didn’t know how it works. I posted some random videos and that didn’t work. The problem with the concept behind that channel was no goal, no vision.

🤔 What’s next?

One fine day, I was in my office and few folks kept me asking about the new gadgets they wanted to buy. I told them about the drawback and benefits.

Later that day, I thought –

As a professional technical writer, I always stay in touch with software developers, data scientists, QA engineers, product managers, and graphic designers. Working with different industry experts has given me such a good opportunity to develop the most useful information for a targetted audience set.

I end up buying many gadgets most often. What if I can share my experience with a community of similar mindset people. The best way to share my thoughts was through of course YouTube.

Why not to use my own expertise and share what I know?

That’s when I decided, let’s give it a chance with a motive.

😎 Origin of TechZonical 

Over the past 10+ years, meeting with many techies from different sectors, I found two common problems with all of them:

I realized if professionals are struggling, how difficult it would be for a college student or a novice person.

Last year (2020), I managed to learn few more things and deleted most of the videos from the old channel and renamed it to TechZonical with the motive of helping people with my day-to-day learnings and experiences.

How can TechZonical help you

TechZonical videos and blogs help you understand the value behind a tech product. I am a geek and an enthusiast about trying new things. I share not only my experience in my videos and blogs but also my struggles when I try to find the best product. For example, I started posting videos about the best laptops in the current market. Many of my audience keep asking how to choose a better option and I try to answer this question in my videos.

I am in no way an expert in such subjects, but you will definitely like to listen to my good and bad experiences with tech products and my struggles to find them.

I create a list of the best products (laptops particularly) every month as if I want to buy the one from that list and I share the list with you folks. Some of you really appreciated it and thanks for your good words.

At some point, if you are a video creator like me, I can also help you choose the right video gear and make awesome videos. Though I am not a pro video editor, I can suggest the best way to start as a beginner because I have been very close to this beginner tagline.